“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11, NIV)


Lover of snuggling, exploring, building, Legos and MineCraft.  This perceptive little man has a passion for creating and exploring.  He has an independent nature and is able to amuse himself for hours on end, although he prefers the companionship of family and friends.  Gavin’s tender heart breaks for people who are less fortunate than he.


Enjoyer of all that life has to offer.  This easy-going young lady has never once complained about any trip or errand; every moment has potential beauty in her eyes!  She has a creative, gentle, and generous nature.  She is just as content reading a book as she is taking a trip with relative strangers!  Sanna’s sweet personality is sensitive toward the sufferings of others.


Supporter of husband, family, and friends.  Lena is blessed with a life that easily blends God, family, and her love for the veterinary profession.  She is the introverted stabilizing force in the family (read about Patrick next, and you’ll see why they make a great couple!), and to relax she enjoys riding horses, creating pottery, reading, and being outdoors.  Since her first short-term mission trip to Kenya as a veterinary student, Lena has felt pulled to serve overseas.  She has seen the doors and hearts that can be opened to God’s message via veterinary medicine, and she feels blessed beyond words to be taking this skill to serve and show Christ to others in Africa.


Accomplisher of the seemingly impossible.  Lena’s husband and best friend is a reckoning force in everything he pursues…in their 13 years of marriage, he has been a Business Developer, Financial Manager, General Contractor/ small business owner, and (currently) Software Developer.  He leads with energy, passion, and talent, sharing God’s love with everyone he meets.  He enjoys woodworking, welding, fixer-upper projects, and spending time with his family.  Patrick has a very giving nature and has been known to bring home and house the homeless…literally at the Wensel homestead.  He is chomping at the bit to get to Tanzania, where opportunity abounds for his talents to shine in glorifying God.